Imagine being forced to wear a big red button on your chest, not knowing what it does. And, what if a mysterious caller told you that you were not allowed to push the button under any circumstances? There is only one thing that could make your situation even worse: Being an inquisitive little boy ...

Welcome to the world of “Red Button Boy”

"Red Button Boy” is a comic series designed to work both in print and on the iPhone/iPod Touch. The comic made its first printed appearance at the International Comic Salon in Erlangen 2010.

I would like to thank everyone for their great feedback and I am looking forward to the second chapter, hopefully as much as you do!

The comic is now available on the iPhone App Store. Click here to be forwarded to the Store (iTunes required).

If you are looking for a free preview of the comic, Click here to be forwarded to the free lite version on the iPhone App Store (iTunes required).


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